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31 July 2011 @ 08:46 pm

Hello, gleeverse applicant!

We're so happy that you're thinking of joining our wonderful land comm and, beyond that, considering joining Team Teachers! We are a laid-back group, but we also have our crazy/fun moments. We are very supportive of one another and always help each other out with whatever Gleeverse challenges may come our way. Besides being a land comm team, we are a group of friends. We enjoy spending time with each other, whether it is through our team chats or activity/discussion posts. Take your time going through our posts and decide if we're the right fit for you. Gleeverse is an awesome land comm, complete with awesome members, and we always love meeting new teachers on our team. Remember that a team name is just a team name; we do a lot more than discuss the teachers from Glee!

We hope to see you in the teachers' lounge soon!

&hearts Team Teachers @ Gleeverse

Learn more about our team.
- team teachers photo banner
- gifs that speak about our awesomeness
- our crazy skills from sectional #7
- our yearbook page
- teacher pride buttons

Learn more about the awesome fictional teachers we love.
- recruitment banners
- glee teachers video
- lunch menu
- famous teachers picspam
- a teacher fanmix
- the glee kids as teachers

We'd also like to share with you a few testimonials from some of our current members. These testimonials will give you some insight about what it means to be a part of team teachers at gleeverse.

Gleeverse was the very first land comm I ever joined so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. When I was put in Team Teachers I felt like Brittany on her medicine, but within moments of joining I was warmly greeted by numerous members that have become my friends.

Team Teachers is like the Little Engine that could. It keeps going no matter the outcome, and the fun and camaraderie has stayed true from start to finish. We have fun games and conversations, and we love to laugh and joke and help one another. Boy do we love to help one another. As soon as a challenge drops we have a help post up within minutes and the Teachers will go above and beyond to help those who have a question about challenges, resources, or even detailed instructions on how to make graphics or gifs!

I am so glad I joined Team Teachers, I would not change teams for the world! - oh_hail_nah

I joined Gleeverse because I had joined Leverageland, a landcomm with small tightly-knit teams, under the idea that I could get in some landcomm practice so I could do better for Leverageland. I thought with a team as big as Team Teachers, there's no way it could be as special as Leverageland was to me, so it seemed an excellent place to practice the different skills required for landcomms and with a team so big, I would never get attached, no way, so I would be able to quit after one round of Sectionals.

Oh boy, was I wrong! Team Teachers is an amazing bunch of people, with the most talent you've ever seen in one place, and with passion and enthusiasm and duct tape for the difficult challenges we don't know how to do. And I'm getting more attached challenge by challenge. The diversity of the team members is amazing - and yet the heart and the dedication shown is the same. I joined five landcomms for practice for Leverageland, intending to drop Gleeverse after this round of Sectionals- but I can't bear to. To be honest, Gleeverse - because I'm not so sure I'm even a rampant fan of Glee any more - was the one I intended to drop first, and it's lasted longer than any of them. (Except Leverageland. Until Timothy Hutton joins the cast of Glee, I can't completely jump from the mothership.) And that's because of my team mates. Who cheer me on even when I'm falling behind. Who help me out without asking what it's for. Who make me crack a smile every time I venture into the teachers lounge.

It boils down to this: I'm not such a fan of Glee any more, but I love Gleeverse. I like Glee still, but what I'm a fan of now is Team Teachers. - mizzy2k

I'd been in a couple of land comms before gleeverse, and I really dug them. So when I saw that there was an active Glee land comm? Oh yeah. My first choice of teams was Team Teachers. Emma Pillsbury was my favorite character at the time (now that's split between Kurt, Rachel, Santana, and HOWARD BAMBOO), and plus, teachers in the real world are awesome, underpaid, and real life underdogs. I love a good underdog. So that's what drew me to Team Teachers. But the people and community are definitely what keep me. I've made friends here. These people help my days shine. :D We don't do challenges for points, necessarily, we do them for fun. If we win something, sure we feel pride and happiness, but even if we place last (something a certain Glee club knows about lol), we have each other. And we have the fun of participating and seeing the fruits of each other's work, alongside encouragement and reassurance. It's freakin awesome. It's just such a great community. I'm so grateful to be a part of it. <3<3<3 - jacklemmon

To be honest, when I first signed up, Team Teachers wasn't my first choice. I was going by the group that I liked the most characters from, and Teachers was my second choice. But now I can honestly say that I wouldn't trade teams for the world.

As soon as I became a teacher I was welcomed with open arms, and that's the feeling I always associate with Team Teachers: warmth. We've worked hard for so long, really going from the underdogs to even winning a sectional, and if we've done it before we can do it again. But we also make sure that the competition doesn't get the best of us. Though it's important, we also want to know who our teammates are so playing together's that much more enjoyable.

This last sectional was a challenging one for us, but because of all the difficulties we faced we grew stronger as a team and as friends. We've bonded so much last sectional and I adore so many of the teachers I've met, but I know I'll also adore any new members that come our way. I want to greet them with open arms and encourage them as much as I was encouraged and welcomed when I first joined.

Team Teachers has really shown me that a team name's just that: A name. The title has no reflection on the friends you'll make here and the amazing experiences you'll have. - burntheflaws

The Teachers were my first choice when I joined Gleeverse and I like to think that it was fate leading me to the most perfect team in the whole community! I was immediately welcomed with open arms, and even in my first few sectionals, when I sometimes dropped the ball a little on challenges, I was never shunned or made to feel like I had done something wrong. Everyone was still very supportive and nice.

But the biggest thing I see within the Teachers is determination. Whether we're first or last in points, we still have that same group effort, the same drive to do our absolute best, the same strong teamwork that gets us through everything together. I've met some of the most amazing people in the world on this team, and I am so proud to be able to call myself a Teacher alongside them. I feel like we're more than just a team, we're a family. We're close-knit and supportive, we're helpful and friendly to each other and everyone, and we have more than enough love to go around. And just like they did to me, we will all welcome new members into our family with our arms wide open. - helinho

I joined Team Teachers three sectionals ago and can honestly say, each Sectional just keeps getting better. With each passing round we come together more and we continue to grow. There were times when things were tough around here: losing challenges, we didn't really know each other, etc., but we never let that get us down. We vowed to change it and we did. We aren't just people in a comm together or even just teammates now, we're friends. If I had to describe us in one word it would be HEART. We've got heart. We give our all: 100%, 100% of the time. No matter the standings we never give up on each other. That's why this team is so amazing! - undrheavenskies

Gleeverse was the first land comm I ever joined, and I've only been here one sectional. When I found out I was on Team Teachers, I was excited, even though this team wasn't my first choice. The entire team is made up of friendly and encouraging people who just want to see you do your best. At first I felt a little out of the loop because I didn't know anyone, but once I started participating in team chats, I got to know my amazing teammates and it's made my experience here so much greater than it would have been had I not reached out to my teammates. I wouldn't want to be on any other team because these people aren't just my teammates, they're my friends. - ltlredhairdgirl

dirklover23dirklover23 on August 8th, 2011 08:53 pm (UTC)
AwwI'm glad I'm on the Teachers team now and wow Shannon such pretty welcome art did you made there :)